May 09, 2005

Share Share Widely - IDC Trebor Scholz


Most new media educators are trying to balance tool set skills with critical skills. Trebor Scholz (Institute for Distributed Creativity)organized a conference at CUNY about doing a doctoral program in New Media but wait, is it an engineering degree or an art degree? New Media is so young that very few universities actually offer a doctoral degree in it (thank God!). The hit of the conference was Beatriz da Costa. Another good guy was Stanley Aronowitz. I bumped into Mark Tribe (Columbia U), kathleen Hulley(NYU), Alan Moore (1980's anarchist & writer), Adrianne Worztel(Cooper Union and an Art Dirt Originator), Christianne Paul (Intelligent Agent and Whitney Museum) , Liz Slagus (Eyebeam).

Posted by gh at May 9, 2005 10:46 PM