May 19, 2005

Chelsea May Part Deux

Much of whatís being shown in the galleries reflects post war American culture. The references to Alfred Hitchcock are everywhere in filmic analysis works. Puerile jokes, self-centeredness, car culture and the Soviet bogeyman all figure quite large. Iíve been reading all of Philip K. Dickís books. His point of view is a documentation of post war American culture with a slight twist. People are beginning to talk about the influence of the 1970ís on the art discourse. Perhaps one should also look at The Twilight Zone and Philip K. Dick as progenitors of conceptual art.
It amazes me that Guy Debordís book The Society of the Spectacle published in 1967 is just now being discussed and taught in America academia. It all seems so backwards. We knew back then the marketing arm of consumer culture was the mass media and that media was the essence of the post war capitalist arena. Part of the problem with the art market is the time lag between when new ideas are presented and when they are accepted. On rare occasions experimental work and artists are given the front stage position. Most usually it takes 20 years after the work has been made before there is any acceptance or recognition.

Posted by gh at May 19, 2005 07:17 PM