September 25, 2005

Utopias and Media Identities

The group show at Andrew Kreps gallery is quirky and very young. The best piece is multicolored cloth crammed in between 2 ceiling beams. This harkens back to cloth pieces done by Tina Girouard in the late '70's. The must see shows are Joel Sternfeld's photo's of Utpoian communities at Luhring Augustine Gallery and Candice Breitz at Sonnabend. Also good is Omer Fast at Postmasters Gallery. Rob liked the show at Yvonne Lambert in which the entire gallery floor was covered in rough poured concrete with a lone footprint like Neil armstrong's boot on the moon. The Utopian communites by Sternfeld are very poignant. Perhaps it's time for a re-reading of The Utopian Function of Art and Literature by Ernst Bloch. Speaking of Utopian, The Upgrade at Eyebeam is picking up quite a bit of steam since me and Rob were first in it. Yael Kanarek along with Liz Slagus from Eyebeam has fashioned an international network of Upgrades that transport the Utopian function to the digital age. Candice Breitz at Sonnabend looks at media and mediated identity. She asks people to sing Michael Jackson or Madonna songs. The installations are a stunning tour de force.

Posted by gh at September 25, 2005 11:01 PM