November 04, 2005

Duston Spear at Sara Tecchia


Benjamin Tischer the associate director of Sara Tecchia Gallery (529 West 20th Street, New York) talks about the Duston Spear exhibition. Spears' work is like a latter day Cy Twombly. There's an attention to the idea of the hand as it forms the letters of a word. Speer's pallette is quite lush and yet subdued at the same time. That seems like a contradiction but it's true. The magnified stroke of Graffiti is combined with other marking techniques such as scratching in a tar soaked base. The pick of the show are paintings made up of different panels. The dynamic between the sculptural and the narrative surface presents a reinvigorated look at the shaped canvas that can be compared to the likes of early Frank Stella and more recently Ron Gorchov.

Posted by gh at November 4, 2005 11:43 PM