November 07, 2005

High Line Chelsea


Rob and I drift around Chelsea looking for something. We fall into Tanya Bonakdar and see a photo piece that is on a wing wall. One side is a young man knocking on a door (full scale) the other side of the wall is a photo of the inside of the apartment door with a young man seated against the door. It's a piece by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, I believe. Nice piece but what is it? I'm reminded of a Bas Jan Ader conceptual photo piece from the 1970's. Is the emotion real or is it fake? Is the young man in both photos the same man? Anyway on to Eyebeam where the don't miss it work of the year is Antony McCall's light piece. It's to the left behind the velvet curtains. McCall's original work in 1974, Circle Describing a Cone, was the inspiration for the Gordon Matta-Clark work in Paris called Conical Intersect. I should know I cut the cone into the building with Gordon. Speaking of Gordon Matta-Clark, the high line exhibit at Gansvoort street has a film of Gordon Cutting the facade of the Gansvoort pier for the Day's End project, another piece I worked on. Rob liked the giant wood strut and fluorescent eagle by Chris Doyle at Jessica Murray projects. Rob has been having a relational aesthetic moment see my blog for heavy duty theory. Also very cool is the 3 channel video by Julia Lokta at Eyebeam.

Posted by gh at November 7, 2005 09:19 PM