November 18, 2005

More High School Iconography


PERFORMA, the multi-venue Biennial for performance art is the surprise for the Fall season. Rob and I go to Paula Cooper to see Carey Young:Consideration. You get fingerprinted and your prints become part of the exhibit. I said OK as long as I can photograph the exhibit. There's also a Bas Jan Ader installation at Perry Rubenstein gallery. Ader was an Arte Povera artist that settled in California and taught until he died. Seems he's a cult hero out there. I liked seeing the B & W video of him crying on one wall and a color video loop of flower arranging on the other wall. The Mike Kelly High School re-enactment show at Gagosian was godawful. Lame vampire imagery. It's the worst of po-mo irony. You have to wonder what a 50 year old man is doing re-living endless high school drama/trama. It's so vapid that I can't say enough bad things about it. Mary Kelly's show at Postmaster's is delightful. She restages some feminist demonstrations and does an intervention outside a fashion show in London. Has all the integrity that Mike Kelly lacks. Magda, Rob and I talk about the upcoming show at Postmasters. Oh yes did I say a limp Hans Haacke exhibit at Paula Cooper? Gelatin at Leo Koenig gallery is amusing. Seems like the art group has built a big plywood box and stashed themselves inside while they try to copy things that people put in a slide though box of some sort. They are billed as a giant copying machine. It's bad joke time all around Chelsea.

Posted by gh at November 18, 2005 10:29 PM