February 25, 2006

Simulations, Simulcra, Urban Crawl, Banal Aesthetics


I'm reading Baudrillard's The Conspiracy of Art so everything I look at appears to be a simulation. Actually he says that art dissapeared in the 1960's and we are now looking at endless fractured simulations of art.

My fave show was Jakob Kolding at Team gallery. Its actually about this extreme sport that urban kids do where they race through a city climbing all over the outsides of buildings. I like the notion of exploration and the daredevil aspect in art. There's also the invasion of private property and the discussion of boundaries. This is also a rather hopeful and interesting area of art. It points back to some of the "Explorations" that Gordon Matta-Clark did in the 1970's and that I was a part of.

I hated the Michal Rovner show at Pace. It was aestheticizing oil fires. This was truly a Baudrillard show. We did see a bunch of found art on the street that was at least as interesting as the stuff in the galleries.

Here's what Rob said:

Oh, and Rachel Whiteread at Luring Augustine. Although I thought she was kind of coasting by having so many pieces It's a good direction for her work to go. So a thumbs up to Rachel.

Don't forget the Jakob Kolding show at Team about "Contesting Architecture and Social Space". I think we could both agree that it was as close to art as we got. And the show at Mary Boone with the mirror floor. Both were definitely thumbs up.

I'd still give the Michal Rovner show at Pace a thumbs up though I thought it was over done and the "paintings" were uninteresting. Gada Amer at Gagossian, I've decided, was a thumbs down. The most interesting thing about it is that she's an Egyptian muslim woman doing porno imagery in an unexpected way but, in the end, she doesn't do much with it other than be (admittedly) beautifully decorative. That's one reason I was drawn to the smaller works in the back gallery was that they did show some other direction.

Roxy Paine at James Cohan was sort of a thumbs horizontal. I like what he does and he did it well in this show but it was, as you say, about the production and not engaging enough.

I don't remember what else we saw. That hallway with the signs was probably the most interesting, and the found art.

Posted by gh at February 25, 2006 04:17 PM