December 21, 2005

Luka Frelih - Interview


I talk with Luka Frelih who is in New York to do his frida v. project. It's a WIKI style mapping project. Well He also has a bicycle that you can ride around on, locate WIFI hotspots and map/photograph/ whatever to your neighborhood. He wants you to contact him (luka(AT) so you can use his bicycle. Or you can upload stuff to the frida v. site.

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December 16, 2005

Games at Pace


Sonnabend has the largest photo prints of landscapes in the world measuring 6 feet by 11 feet. This done by Clifford Ross. OK they are engaging. The scale is amazing. They have that 19th century Luminist landscape magic, and Clifford Ross built his own film cameras to shoot the pictures, but but these sort of things always bother me. No-one doesn't like landscapes. Heck , my wife collects small landscape painting to decorate the apartment. But... Anyway, the game show at Pace is pretty good, pieces by, Cory Arcangel,RSG and so on. They are reaching for things but it is Pace Gallery. How challenging can it be? The best is perhaps the most unspectacular and that's Roni Horn at Matthew Marks. The huge circular seven foot by 18 inch hunk of glass is truly interesting. I think of Early Richard Serra lead pieces.

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December 15, 2005

Kevin Clarke - Conceptual Portraits - an interview


Kevin Clarke
and I sit down for an interview about his new work and his exhibition at Sara Tecchia Gallery (529 west 20th street). Kevin's work is rarely seen here in the US. This show is very important for people interested in new forms of photography and conceptual art. I can't stress too much for you to see this show if no other one this year. Clarke's work is deep and it's sincere. There's no hint of irony, no funny inside joke only masterful art and an understanding of the human spirit. Clarke is one of the most important and most overlooked photographers of this turn of the century.

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